Ashley T Brundage

Ashley T Brundage started her second career as a means of survival. Fighting discrimination, harassment, and homelessness she found employment as a part time associate then rose to national Vice President of Diversity & Inclusion in less than 5years at a major financial services organization. She captured this process of career development in her new award-winning book and online course called Empowering Differences. Personally, she enjoys time with her 2 teenage boys who serve as the main source of inspiration and empowerment for her. She volunteers for numerous organizations most notably as the Vice Chair for the GLAAD National Board of Directors, which works to accelerate acceptance for the LGBTQ+ Community. Ashley’s full bio is located in the about page. For more info on Ashley or her book/course, Empowering Differences, please contact her directly at . For the latest updates and information on Ms. Brundage, her current engagements and other community events, connect with her social media sites listed here.